PCD Diamond and thick film polycrystalline CVD diamond tools and inserts

Technodiamant offers a full range of PCD,  CBN and thick film CVD diamond tools and tool inserts.   For many applications (such as machining graphite, plastics, and non-ferrous materials such as brass, aluminum and copper)  CVD thick film diamond is typically a great alternative to PCD.  We can provide a much sharper edge in CVD than is available on PCD.   This is due to the unique manufacturing technique that is used to produce the edge. 

Thick film CVD tools should not be confused with the thin CVD coatings that are offered by some companies on carbide insert tooling.     Thick film CVD is very similar to PCD, but does not have a nickel/cobalt binder - it is pure polycrystalline diamond, and is available in thicknesses up to 1mm.  Tools can usually be repaired.  
Typical lifetime of these CVD tools is 2-3 times that of PCD.    

The cutting edge on a radiused tool made from PCD or CBN typically has a radius over the edge of ~2 microns. For some applications this rounded edge is preferable.
The cutting edge on a radiused tool made from thick film CVD typically has a radius over the edge of <1 micron.

CVD edge at 500x                          PCD edge at 500X

We can provide tools with virtually any edge geometry imaginable due to the unique process that we use to create the cutting edge. 

Form tools, endmills, ball endmills, radiused tools, plunging tools can be produced.      We also offer full range of natural diamond tools.

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Thick film CVD tool with 1.0mm radius on 55 degree DCMW insert                            CVD ball endmill                                            CVD form plunging tool

Natural diamond milling tool                                                                                                  16mm diameter  PCD insert

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